Love her

Love her




You guys.  I love succulents.  I love crafting containers to plant them in.  (Or in some cases, ‘drown’ them in.)  I love repotting them.  I love pretending like I’ll give them away.  I love telling my kids not to touch them…


I am mind boggled by their wacky little bits of green wonder.  I am dying to understand how to best care for them, but that wack-a-doo world wide web gives hoards of conflicting information!  Eek!


No doubt, there will be carnage.  But I’m loving tinkering with them in the meantime.

Not so easy…

Childcare. Swim team. Softball. Single parenting. Full time job.

You guys, this particular Monday was rough…


But this.  This makes me happy.


Have I mentioned my current love affair with flamingos?

Hi friends!

I actually can’t believe I started a blog.   Don’t get me wrong, I love to read a good blog.  But that’s just it…  GOOD blog.  I kinda regret that so many people think they need ‘to blog’.  Uh, gag me.

But look at me now!  Do I call myself a blogger?  Ahhh, probably never.   But the mood struck me and so here I am.  You’re welcome world wide web.

Here’s what I did this evening while ignoring my children…


Just kidding u guys.  I only ignored one of them (the other was at swim practice).  ;]

Rock out friends,